B Organized

Financial strategy


One of the most critical steps in getting financed is your preparation and the most significant component to preparation is a plan or strategy. Your plan or strategy ensures you are structured properly, are seeking the right amount of money, you have a well thought out valuation and use of funds and a singular message during your raise. At B, we have significant experience in guiding our clients through this process.


During this process, we work with you on the following:

Does your capital need/project have legs?
Is the Capital need financeable How much capital do you need?
What are your plans for the capital?
Will investors believe in your use of funds?
What is your valuation?
Can we defend it?
What is the best structure for the project?
How much is the ownership group willing to give away for the capital?
Is the management team strong and financeable What key contracts are needed?
What key contracts are in place?
Build a clear and concise financial plan that meets the goals and objectives of the management team.
B United

Construct Investor Marketing Tools

The brain reacts to visuals and stories better than any other mediums. During this phase we develop the tools necessary to tell your story to potential investors. These tools include Executive Summaries and “Deck Books” that outline the project and the investment opportunities, structured correspondence to potential investors and any other collateral necessary, including first class design elements to each of the tools.
B Prepared

Pitch Training


We train you for investor meetings, providing rehearsal runs for the presentations, mock Q & A sessions that simulate investor questions and ensure that no hidden surprises or landmines are hit during investor meetings. You will have your story, its elements and all key messages ingrained.

B Funded

Capital Sourcing and Introductions

Utilizing our network of investment banking firms, institutional investors, private equity firms and high net worth individuals, we can provide funding source targets and introductions to potential investors. Our insight into the investment profiles of target investors allows us to ensure the potential targets fit your investment and our relationships ensure we get past the gatekeeper to the decision makers.