The Story

The Matchmaker

How do strong business ideas get funded?

Today's investor is looking for two things:

1. Build real wealth

2. Build income stream.


Cash doesn't do it. Bonds are too tied to interest rates...real estate, maybe...stock market...prepare for day-to-day volatility. Investors in the right owner operated companies allows investors to build wealth and an income stream and be able to be hands-on if necessary. Think about this.. You invest in coca-cola...the stock begins to plummet...the only way you can affect change is by deciding whether to sell or not. With an investment in a privately held company, you can pick up the phone and see what you can do to help.

At B

Our focus is finding good projects, working with them to be positioned for capital, make sure they are worthy of your investment, and introduce them to you to see if there is a fit.

Growth & Expansion Funding

A relatively small amount of capital is provided to an investor or entrepreneur to prove a specific concept for a potentially profitable business opportunity that still has to be developed & proven. Often, the funded work may involve product development, but rarely involves initial marketing.
Financing is provided to newly formed companies for use in completing product development and in initial marketing. These companies may be in the process of being organized or may have been in business a short time. Products have yet to be sold commercially. Generally, these businesses have assembled key management, have prepared their initial business plan and have conducted at least initial market studies.
Financing is provided to companies that have expended their initial capital and now require funds to initiate commercial-scale manufacturing/sales, etc.
Working capital is provided for the expansion of a company that is producing and shipping products and which needs to support growing accounts receivable and inventories. Although the company clearly has made progress, it may not yet be showing a profit at this stage.
Funds are provided for the major expansion of a company that has increasing sales volume and which is breaking even or which has achieved initial profitability. Funds are utilized for further plant expansion, marketing, and working capital or for development of an improved product, a new technology, or an expanded product line.

Transitions/Exit Strategies

Funds are used to back a transition from founder to next generation, management or complete exit strategy.