“Been there. Done that. Seen it.”

June 8, 2015 / Uncategorized

Once upon a time there was a dad looking for a way to keep his young daughter preoccupied so he could finish up a presentation for work. Finding nothing that seemed to keep her busy, he reached for a magazine in his study. Leafing through the pages, he found a picture of a map of the world. He ripped the picture out of the magazine and tore it into several pieces, an impromptu puzzle. He took the pieces of paper out to his daughter and told her that if she could put all the pieces together, he would give her the final $10 she needed to buy her American Girl doll. The father was proud of himself. The father returned to his study, certain he had just bought himself some time to work on his presentation, because he knew his daughter had no idea what the map of the world looked like.


But five minutes later, as the father was just settling into his presentation, there was a knock on the study door. There stood his young daughter holding the completed map of the world. In amazement, the father asked her, “How did you finish it so quickly?” His daughter smiled and said, “You know dad, I had no idea what the map of the world looked like, but as I was picking up the pieces I noticed that on the back there was a picture of a man. So, I put a sheet of paper down, and I put the picture of the man together because I knew what the man looked like. I placed another sheet on top, and then holding them tightly, I turned them over. I figured if I got the man right, I would get the map of the world right.


One of the most common things we hear from business owners is that their business is unique and that we can’t possibly understand their business. Every business, every industry we have worked certainly has its own unique challenges and opportunities. And they may be right. Maybe we haven’t worked in their specific business or industry and experienced first hand their uniqueness. Ethanol is unique because its inputs aren’t related to its outputs. Medical is unique because in most cases the patients aren’t the one’s paying the bill. Bio-based products are unique because we are only scratching the surface of all their uses.


But, if we get the man right, we get the world right. Much like the daughter in the story above, we use what we do know how to help companies tell their story loudly and to the right people to help you